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M&E Construction is a licensed utility contractor that has been in operation since 1987. Specializing in underground utility installation, AMI / AMR / Cell mass meter change-outs, Insertion Valves, Wet Taps and GIS Projects. M&E operates throughout the US, employing a dynamic team of professionals that has managed and installed well over 250 municipal and private projects in excess of 500,000 meters. Having worked with most major brands and being manufacture neutral M&E can help guide you to an exceptional system.

Past Projects

Our Vision.


M&E is committed to providing a premium service for our customers. Investing in our employees and technology combining our knowledge in mass meter-change-out with our GIS development. M&E has created our own data collection software that has key advantages over our competitors. Controlling our own project software process allows M&E to adapt to the utilities needs without costly or inefficient methods used by others. 

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